The Big All Out Wildest of the Wild...
New Party Logo
Logo by Sklei


To celebrate summer and enjoy it.


August 1st


Sci and Sklei



It's going to be a gigantic party! ideas are still made on what will be in the party but you can already sign up! If I decide I need additional info I'll contact you

People comingEdit

I reset this because I need people to confirm if they'll be part of he who walks behind the mask (see my blog on BTFF)

  1. Sklei - playing (I will be in my real account and fake one. Real to host the party and fake to look like I'm someone else.)
  2. UltimateFan-playing
  3. Tyran-playing
  4. Ahmad15 - playing.
  5. Cartoon44- playing
  6. Paper - playing
  7. TDIfan83 (Holly)- playing
  8. Speedygal-Playing
  9. Sci100 - not playing
  10. Mark-Playing
  11. Swamp-Playing

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