The Team (Admins)

The Party Team are the Admins of the wikia that help make it (not to be confused with people who are temporarly admins due to hosting a party). The Party Team create the pages, design the wikia and other stuff. If you want to make a party or need any help on the wikia please contact the party team.

  1. Sklei
    • Job: Boss and knight commander
  2. Sci
    • Job: Super Control Freak of Parties! The party chief
  3. Toon
    • Job: A little of everything I guess
  4. Jack
    • Job: Anti Dead commander
  5. Renmanfan
    • Job: Emote master

The Party Helpers (Chatmods)

The party helpers are the chatmods of the wikia. They guard the parties so no one will break any rules.

  1. Brian
  2. N8
  3. Zonator
  4. Nar
  5. Ancy

Team Membership

If you want to be part of the team and help build the wikia please contact Sklei or any other member of the team.

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