• Dude, I told you ya gotta stop linking those videos. Dark's getting pissed, Nick's already pissed, I don't know about anyone else. If you want to keep making them thats fine. But dude... WHY HAVEN'T YOU LEARNED BY NOW THAT THE MORE YOU ADVERTISE, THE LESS FANS YOU GET. You advertised Knights so much, that pretty much the majority of the wiki doesn't like Knights because you adveristed it so much. 

    I know you want to have all these GLORIOUS fans but the fact is, and I've accepted this. You can't go overboard with the adversting. Because the truth is, we publish on a fan fiction website that only Ben 10 fans read. Not the rest of the world. The World ISN'T going to publish articles about how amazing our fanfics are. 

    There's millions of youtube videos, but NOT EVERYONE GETS A BILLION LIKES, AND A BILLION HITS. But it doesn't matter. As long as you love doing what you do, you DON'T NEED THE FANS. You don't need the likes! The subscribers! The comments! The Signatures! None of that!

    Please, I asked you once, and I know you LOVE to advertise because you think if you do enough, people will actually watch/read but they won't. 

    Look, if you keep adversting, then you're gonna get banned by Nick. You are my friend, but its starting to become spam. I hate to say it, but if you get banned, then I'm not gonna do anything about it but watch. Just please stop, before anything happens. Please.... just please...  I just hope you understand. :/

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